Storytelling has been part of the human culture for as long as people have lived in communities.
Stories are a means to transport information. The more captivating they are,
the more sustainable the emotions are that they trigger – and the better the message sticks.
The good story for a video develops in close collaboration with the client.
He knows the ingredients – whereas ALLOO masters the storytelling.


  • Advisory/production management
  • Idea/concept
  • Storytelling/screenplay
  • Production planning/production
  • Shooting
  • Management/overviewing postproduction
  • Media training/coaching in front of camera


  • Animations
  • Corporate videos
  • Messages/addresses
  • Events
  • Education/prevention
  • Presentations
  • Publicity/commercials

An extraordinary situation requires professional and creative solutions. The standards applied by the ALLOO team in producing videos and animations meet the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

For years we have been looking after clients throughout Switzerland and abroad. It is not always possible to meet our clients personally. Therefore, comprehensible and understandable communication is important: Our scripts and storyboards are formulated understandably and designed in a clear and concise manner so that they are understood also by non-production professionals. Production processes are planned in detail and implemented in the same way. We leave nothing to chance, proceed in close alignment with our customers at all times and report regularly on the current state of production.

We look forward to supporting you with your next video production.